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Great app for selling and buying your kids' clothes

ENVIE is super simple and user-friendly to sell and buy your kids' outgrown clothes.

Use my code QuR241

Use my code QuR241 to get free credits :)

Not worth the time

I started selling on this app when it was brand new. I had VERY high hopes for it as I was a Top Tier Seller on the children's clothing app TotSpot and loved that it was a very similar layout. However after posting and posting for months I have yet to make a single sell. I currently cross post all my items on 3 other apps and my items are selling there so why not here?? They haven't done anything to promote the app and bring in new buyers. Plus I've seen an influx of out of country sellers who are posting makeup, womens and men's items! Not cool! They definitely need to do something or they will go under just like FashionStash did. They even started a FB group for us seasoned sellers and seemed to be taking in our feedback about the app, but that group has died out, I don't even know if it still exists as no one has posted to it in a long time!Plus 20% commission is WAY TO HIGH, especially for an app just starting out, Kidizen is only 18% and Mercari is 10% that'sthe 2 places I make the most sales.

Love Envie App

Wonderful app for buying and selling children’s clothes and items! The interface is very friendly.


This app seems nice but it keeps freezing whenever you try to post an item to sell


Good for selling

Keeps shutting down when I try to upload pics

I just joined and I can't even use the app because it won't allow me to list anything. Every time I try to upload a pic the app closes out!

Sold something and can't check in order

I just did the current upgrade and it still crashes. Unfortunately I think I have to delete it. It just doesn't work. 😕

Like the app when it actually opens

It seems like a great app but it has been crashing constantly and now it won't even open.

App Crashes Constantly

I love the platform of this app, and want to keep using it, but it crashes constantly! I'm finding I have to delete it entirely and re-download it on my phone just to get it to open. If it keeps up I'll be deleting the app for good, which is a bummer because it is a great way to buy/sell items.


Omg i like this app


Love this app. Makes online garage sale shopping easier! Also, get your money's worth instead of having to take what you can get for those expensive baby things you know your child has worn once maybe twice. Help me, and I'll help you! Use my code when you download please! EnH359


Great app. Use code qJP815 to earn $3 in credit when signing up.

Great app

Use this code to get $5 gFL428 Great customer service. Has a few questions and they where so quick to respond and help me out.

Off to a promising start!

This selling app is easy to use and the customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced. It is newer so now is a great time to list items there and really stand out! Looking forward to making lots of sales here.

Great app and wonderful customer service

I have tried quite a few selling apps and have not see the level of customer service on any other app. They are open to feed back and appreciate their sellers and buyers. Definitely worth checking out if you want to try and sell your gently used kids clothes.

My code FgC118

Please download this app with my code fgC118 I will earn $3 you also get $3 thanks:)


Found a new platform for selling kid clothes. Love it, easy to use! Use code uUK582 for a free $3 credit when signing up!

Easy to navigate

I have been on the ENVIE app for the past few days and have had a great experience. Some pros for me include customer service response time, customer care, editing photos upon upload, conversations between buyer and seller and the overall ease of use of this app. I wish this app the best of luck. I've enjoyed my experience so far. Please use my referral code NhP618 if you decide to sign up. It would be greatly appreciated!

So excited!

This is a great new platform for selling kids clothes. Posting couldn't be easier & customer support is stellar. Use my code zgx477 to sign up & get a $3 credit. Then post 3 items and get another $3 credit! Awesome!

Get $5 with code SnJ236

Great app to sell/buy kids clothes use code SnJ236 for $3 off. Need better sizing categories and payout methods


Pretty easy to use. Love their photo editor and it's easy to post listings. Disappointed in their rate charge of $2. I'm sure it will go down as the app gains popularity. Use my code for free $3 credit. YxV413


Download Envie & Use My Code GWO049 and you'll get 3$ Make Sure you sign up and Verify Your sell phone number

Great App!

I would recommend this app for parents out there who are looking for affordable clothes for their children. Enter this code "piO478" during sign up and you'll get a $3 credit towards your first purchase!

It's great!!

This app is perfect. Buy the items for less of the original price. If you'd like to go check it out, when you sign up there will be a box that says something about a code. Type this in OWy086 for the code and you'll instantly get $3 in shopping credits. Go check it out!!

Great app

The app is easy to use and looks great. It has awesome clothes for your little ones. Sign up with my code to get a shopping credit: wdw318. Happy Shopping!



Code join me


Invite code






Free $5 Code


Free $5


Free $5 code


Needs revisions

I joined this App trying to sell and buy used kids clothing. When I tried to ship my first sale there were no directions on what to do. I emailed for technical support and did not receive a clear answer. I believe this app is new and needs revisions and clear directions to make it more user-friendly. I've since deleted my account and the app.

Wonderful App if you have little ones!!!

I love this app! When I first signed up and posted some things to sale, they gave me $15.00. Plus another $15.00 later. You have got to try this!! I can tell more people are starting to sell on here. I will be adding two very large boxes of boys clothes soon.


The app is nice and easy to navigate and use. you can find some great brands and unique items. Check it out and use code rbC582.


Needs more people to sell!! App needs some updates

First time mom

Cool app , it helps get rid of good clothes your children can not wear for money . I would recommend downloading . Use code HJa941 to get a free $5 credit towards any purchase.

Useful and Easy

What a fantastic way to make money and clean out your closet at the same time. It is an awesome way to resell children clothes. Use the code wLl257 to get $5 to start your shopping.



Awesome app!

It makes reselling kids’ clothes and shoes much easier. Such a great idea! Very simple to use.

Use this code zQZ516 and get $5 credit

Love this app I just download and just for posting 3 items I got $15 that I going to use to buy something for my kids easy to post items! 5 stars I'm so in love with this app!

It's alright

I was excited to see there's an app that was exclusively to sell preloved infant/toddler items. It's pretty straightforward and simple to use. I'm only giving it 3 stars though because to be able to withdraw your money from the app there needs to be a $10 minimum. So if you only sold something for $5, you're stuck until you sell something else that gets you to $10. I don't think there's enough people using it yet. Hopefully it gains popularity so myself and others can sell more.

Get $5 with my code

Copy and paste my code lCj064 For $5 toward your 1st buy!

Use my code



They try to sell clothes like its new 😪


I love selling online. So far this platform is very direct and nicely laid out. Use my code for a free $5.00 to start out! bje494

Love this idea!

This is so much fun! I have never had any issues with this app so far and it is so easy to use.

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